Shoulder Thread Verifier Systems Technology
Verifies Complete Shoulder, Thread and Seal Engagement
Virtually in real time For All Tubular Connections With No Rig Down Time.

Identify Problematic Connections
Before Deployed Down Hole
  1. Virtually in real time, verify 100% mechanical integrity, shoulder, thread, seal (metal/soft) engagement, and applied torque in the following connections with no rig downtime:
    1. Tool joints
    2. Casing
    3. Tubing
    4. Bucked on collars
    5. Down hole assembly connections
    6. Connections pre-made in the lab for onshore/offshore use
  2. All connection virtual data saved to a hard drive for immediate or future analysis.
  3. A CD containing a virtual picture of each made-up connection left with the company man before leaving the job site.
  4. When a connection is broke-out on the job site, a high resolution picture of the connection can be taken for future connection make-up analysis.
  5. A complete in-depth string connection analysis can be preformed in the STV Systems lab.
  6. STV System rig equipment can be placed up to 100 feet away from the bore hole.
  7. STV System personnel are located in the dog house, away from the rig crew.
  8. All connection real-time data is transmitted in real-time to the company man office for his immediate assessment.
Note: Torque Turn tells you the amount of torque applied on the
connection, not where the torque is applied within the connection.

Shoulder Thread Verifier Systems, a div. of Global Systems inc., has developed a new process which will allow the operator to virtually see & verify in real time, the tool joint shoulder engagement and casing/tubing thread and seal engagement. The process verifies the torque being applied to the complete tool joint shoulder and any problematic thread damage. The system also provides the operator a virtual image, in real time, the thread and seal make-up in casing, tubing, connections identifying any problematic thread or seal engagements before going into the hole. STV Systems provides the operator, for future reference, a CD containing the final make-up of the string connections before leaving the job site. STV Systems can maintain a connection database for future connection review or in-depth analysis at the STV Systems lab.

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